30 years of liver transplants in Brno

Authors: J. Černý
Authors‘ workplace: Centrum kardiovaskulární a transplantační chirurgie Brno, ředitel doc. MU Dr. Petr Němec, CSc.
Published in: Vnitř Lék 2013; 59(8): 654-657


On 3 February 1983 the first successful liver transplant in Czechoslovakia took place at the 2nd Surgery Clinic in Brno. This operation was preceded by 14 years of experiments, including more than 150 orthotopic liver transplants in pigs. Josef Mynář, a patient who suffered from an extensive liver tumour –  hepatoma –  has been living ever since, i.e. for 30 years after the transplant, leading a very active life in a good health condition.

Key words:
first liver transplant in Czechoslovakia –  30‑year history


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Internal Medicine

Issue 8

2013 Issue 8

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