Non-ulcerous Stress Lesions of the Duodenal Mucosa

Authors: L. Peychl
Authors‘ workplace: Oddělení patologie, Nemocnice, Kolín
Published in: Čes.-slov. Patol., , 2003, No. 1, p. 39-41


During autopsies on patients whose illnesses resulted in circulatory failure, we often observeirregular congestion and ecchymoses of duodenal mucosa with a maximum of changes on the topsof mucosal folds.A thorough histological examination of the duodenum of 35 such patients was made.In 28 cases apart from hyperemia, hemorrhage into tunica propria of the villi was found resemblingthe picture of minor hemorrhagic infarctions. Additionally, in 5 cases there were erosionspresent which resembled coagulation necrosis. Cuneiform infarctions penetrating into the submucosawere present in 3 cases.Changes described above appear as early manifestations of stress.

Key words:
duodenal mucosa - stress - autopsy

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Anatomical pathology Forensic medical examiner Toxicology

Article was published in

Czecho-Slovak Pathology

2003 Issue 1

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