Botryoid-type of EmbryonalRhabdomyosarcoma of Renal Pelvis in an Adult.A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Authors: L. Kren 1;  V. N. Goncharuk, VotavaM. 2 1;  M. Hermanová 1;  J. S. Ross, NazeerT. 3 3;  K. Dvořák 1
Authors‘ workplace: From the Departments of Pathology: 1The University Hospital Brno, Czech Republic 2The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, U. S. A. 3Albany Medical College, Albany, New York, U. S. A.
Published in: Čes.-slov. Patol., , 2003, No. 1, p. 31-35


A case of botryoid-type embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of the renal pelvis in a 49-year-old womanis reported. The tumor led to hydronephrosis. The surgical resection specimen disclosed a translucent,polypoid mass attached to the wall of the renal pelvis by thin stalk. Light-microscopicexamination revealed a large exophytic polypoid tumor with intact surface epithelium, which wasnegative for dysplasia or carcinoma in situ. There was a condensation of epithelioid to spindlecells underneath the basement membrane, forming a cambium layer. The core of the lesion containedinterspersed epithelioid to spindle cells with myxoid change and edema. Cells of the cambiumlayer as well as interspersed cells in the core exhibited marked cytologic atypia with mitoticfigures. Immunohistochemical stains for cytokeratin, S- 100 and myoglobin were negative, stainsfor desmin and actin were positive. Although botryoid-type embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas havebeen reported to occur at various sites in the genital tract and lower urinary tract, to ourknowledge, this is the first reported case of the tumor within the renal pelvis. Also, the occurrenceof these tumors in adults is quite rare.

Key words:
botryoid-type embryonal rhabdomyocarcoma - renal pelvis - adulthood

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Anatomical pathology Forensic medical examiner Toxicology

Article was published in

Czecho-Slovak Pathology

2003 Issue 1

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