Tuberculosis as one of the focal issues of Slovak presidency in the EU Council

Authors: I. Solovič 1,2,3;  J. Švecová 1,3;  R. Rams 4
Authors‘ workplace: Národný ústav tuberkulózy, pľúcnych chorôb a hrudníkovej chirurgie, Vyšné Hágy, riaditeľ Ing. J. Poráč, MPH 1;  Fakulta zdravotníctva Katolíckej univerzity, Ružomberok, dekanka prof. MUDr. A. Lesňáková, PhD. 2;  NCZI, Bratislava, riaditeľ Ing. P. Blaškovitš 3;  Ústav verejného zdravotníctva, Jesseniova lekárska fakulta v Martine, Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, prednostka prof. MUDr. H. Hudečková, PhD. 4
Published in: Čes-slov Pediat 2016; 71 (7-8): 336-339.
Category: Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis is as old as mankind itself. The first reports of tuberculosis comes from the time when people began to create more social units. The findings of skeletons from the Neolithic confirm the existence of forms of bone tuberculosis. Already Avicenna noted that the disease is contagious and affects the development of the external environment.

Tuberculosis is a treatable disease, but if we do not think about the disease so it is hardly to notice it, the patients are coming late with severely affected lungs or other organs, they may also die. The disease is similar to the flu droplet infection. It is treatable, although a growing number of so-called multi-resistant forms, which are very troublesome. The current people's awareness of tuberculosis is very low, therefore, it must be constantly on call between professional and public because it can affect anyone and at any time.

Key words:
tuberculosis, situation the world, situation in Slovakia, strategy of the fight against tuberculosis


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