Help for wives whose husbands abuse alcohol

Authors: K. Nešpor;  A. Scheansová;  H. Karbanová
Authors‘ workplace: Psychiatrická léčebna Bohnice a Institut postgraduálního vzdělávání ve zdravotnictví, Praha
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2009; 148: 502-504
Category: Special Articles


People often ask for help and/or advice to cope with their alcohol abusing spouses refusing treatment. Alcohol consumption in the Czech Republic is high that is why all general practitioners, family therapists and crisis interventionists should be able to respond accordingly. The chapter about the effects of alcohol on family was included in our original self-help manual (Nešpor, 2006). The strategies how to deal with alcohol abusing husbands and alcohol abusing wives are similar. Alcohol abusing wives cause less violence but their health and children are at even greater risk compared with men.

Key words:
alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, family therapy, brief intervention.


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