The Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Its Male Equivalent

Authors: M. Dušková;  M. Hill;  L. Stárka
Authors‘ workplace: Endokrinologický ústav, Praha
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2007; 146: 251-255
Category: Original Article


The polycystic ovary syndrome is multifactorial disease. The autosomal genetic transfer of the disease predisposition is the basis for hypothesis that there can exist a male equivalent of PCOS. Androgenetic alopecia has been suggested as the symptom of the male phenotype of PCOS.

Methods and Results.
A group of 30 men with premature hair loss was involved in the present study. In all individuals, their hormonal profile was determined and insulin tolerance test was made. Robust Mann-Whitney test and Fisher’s exact test were used for statistic analysis. Based on the laboratory findings two subgroups of individuals were shown. The first one revealed similar hormonal changes as women with PCOS, namely lower SHBG, lower FSH and elevated free androgen index. The other had either no anomaly in steroid spectrum. Both subgroups did not differ in either BMI or age. The subgroup with hormonal changes resembling those of PCOS, showed a significantly higher insulin resistance than the group without these changes.

Based on our results it can be concluded that men with premature alopecia and hormonal changes partially resembling those typical for female PCOS, might probably represent the male equivalent of PCOS.

Key words:
polycystic ovary syndrome, male phenotype of PCOS, androgenetic alopecia, FSH, SHBG, insulin resistance.

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Article was published in

Journal of Czech Physicians

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