Improving Self-control in Substance Dependent Persons and Pathological Gamblers – A Pilot Study

Authors: K. Nešpor;  L. Csémy 1
Authors‘ workplace: Psychiatrická léčebna Bohnice aInstitut postgraduálního vzdělávání ve zdravotnictví, Praha ;  Psychiatrické centrum Praha a Státní zdravotní ústav, Praha 1
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2006; 145: 658-661
Category: Original Article


Impaired self-control is an important symptom of addictive diseases. The average number of factors improving self-control among 117 men dependent on alcohol, other substances and pathological gamblers was 5.55 (SD=3.5). 

Methods and Results.
We classified strategies how to improve self-control into following groups (their ordering reflects the frequency of their use in our sample): 1. The help of others (professional treatment, self-help groups, and family), 2. Distraction and similar techniques, 3. The use of motivation, 4. Life-style changes including appropriate rest, 5. Physical activity, sports, physical work, 6. The use of environments, 7. Mastering of social and other relevant skills, 8. Relaxation based approaches, 9. Techniques working with improved self-awareness, 10. Pharmacotherapy, 11. Acknowledgement of an addictive disease and abstinence, 12. Disrupting risky behavioral patterns. 

To improve of self-control in addictive diseases simple techniques are appropriate because of temporarily impaired cognitive functions during craving. Frequent repetition are also important. 

Key words:
addictive diseases, self-control, craving, coping.

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