The reason of stress of senior living in home environment

Authors: M. Trešlová;  S. Bártlová
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2014, 3, č. 4: 165-170
Category: Original Article/Study


The paper concerns the actual problem of senior’s population and brings the basic results of quantitative survey, which was the part of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies, University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic project. The research was focused on less frequent term of stress in connection with seniors. The modern care within the health and social care is senior orientated. Therefore we monitored the opinions of seniors and the most frequent stress factors in connection with the way the seniors feel in common, whether they struggle with long term disease, how they are limited in their activities of daily living and with the pain presence. The main aim of the research survey was the monitor the connections among senior’s subjective evaluation of health and selected social determinants of health in the Ceske Budejovice region. For the purpose of this article the stress determinant was chosen. With the participation on the research agreed 320 respondents, men and women in the age from 75 and higher. There was found the more than 50 % interviewed senior groups evaluate their health neutral in general resp. “neither good nor bad”. Further that into the stressful elements belong lack of financial sources, which not allow the provision of impaired self-efficacy and the activity of daily living. Also the loss of self-efficacy which disallows the provision of the activity of daily living is seen as very important problem of senior age and it is often joined with loneliness which could become as far as social isolation. We can state that to decrease the stress of senior it is necessary to focus on the empowerment of self- sufficiency, of the health status and the area of financial conditions. That is the possible way how to decrease or to dispatch in certain extant the powerlessness, desperation which the results have shown the same way as depression. But there has to be considered the multifactorial influence and the etiology of health status changes of seniors so as the individual approach of care.

old age – senior stress – feeling of health – activity – powerlessness – desperation


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