Quality of life of caregivers – family members of patients with severe dementia

Authors: MUDr. Milan Stolička
Authors‘ workplace: Léčebna dlouhodobě nemocných Klokočov
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2014, 3, č. 4: 159-164
Category: Original Article/Study


The aim of the research was to identify the most common needs and their fulfillment by caregivers - family members of patients with severe dementia who are hospitalized in Long-term care institution. Another objective was to find out whether there is diversity of these needs and their fulfillment by sex, age and education.The group included 87 caregivers – family members of patients with severe dementia who were hospitalized in Long-term care institution Klokocov. For data collection questionnaire was used FIN (Family Inventory of Needs) to measure the needs of family members. Main needs of carers were identified in the area of basic information and patient comfort. In all the areas needs of carers (basic information, information about treatment and care, support, patient comfort) prevailed inadequate or only partial repletion of these needs. Women achieve higher fullness of basic information. With the increasing level of education declined repletion support needs. In the age group 61-65 years was less need for basic information and higher repletion needs of the patient‘s comfort. The results obtained showed preference the needs of carers, their relatively low level of fulfillment and the need to improve communication between health workers and caregivers of patients with severe dementia. It is essential to the education of professionals in this area and ensure appropriate educational materials for caregivers.

caregivers – family members of patients with dementia – needs and their fulfillment


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