Dehydration in the old age

Authors: D. Prudius (weberová);  H. Matějovská Kubešová;  P. Weber;  V. Prudius;  V. Polcarová;  K. Bielaková
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika interní, geriatrie a praktického lékařství LF MU a FN Brno
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2014, 3, č. 4: 188-190
Category: Review Article


The most frequent fluid and electrolyte disorder in old age is dehydration. Result of normal age-related physiological modification comprise reduction in total-body water, alterations in thirst perception, and decreased renal function leading to reduced urine-concentrating ability. In older adults the significant cause of disorders in fluid management is inappropriate intake of fluids and solutes, caused by absence of thirst, or drug induced dehydration. In addition, in the elderly the clinical signs of dehydration may be alterated, vague or even absent.

dehydration – elderly – polypharmacy – diuretics – renal disorders


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