Paliative care of chronic heart failure:
When is it the right time?

Authors: PhDr. Helena Novotná 1,2;  doc. MUDr. Miroslav Kala, CSc. 1,3
Authors‘ workplace: Fakulta zdravotnických věd UP Olomouc 1;  Nemocnice Tábor, a. s. 2;  Hospic na Svatém Kopečku, Olomouc 3
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2014, 3, č. 4: 202-206
Category: Review Article


The amount of patients with advanced chronic heart failure increases despite of develop methods of treatment. For many of them could be applied a paliative treatments. The specificity of palliative care is different philosophy of approach to the patient and deal with his problems in compared with curative approach. This is also the organization of care, that helps to patient and his family cope with very uncertain future. Current palliative care for patients with advanced chronic heart failure doesn´t have clear concept in the Czech republic. Most of these patients spend their last weeks of life on acute or intensive care.

chronic heart silure – palliative care – quality of life


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