Prophylaxis of post-traumatic epilepsy

Authors: M. Moráň
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2013, 2, č. 4: 210-212
Category: Review Article


Post-traumatic epilepsy is one of the most significant long term consequences of brain injury. We presently distinguish between acute epileptic seizures in the early phases of the injury, which require only temporary treatment limited to the time of the treatment of the injury itself, and late-onset post-traumatic epilepsy. The so-called prophylactic treatment does not prevent development of epileptic sites. Late-onset post-traumatic epilepsy usually develops 2-5 years after the initial injury. The probability of development of epilepsy is determined by the type and severity of the injury. This type of epilepsy is treated by standard treatment modalities for epilepsy. The patients are stigmatised not only by the seizures themselves, but also by diminished social conditions and opportunities, in general and especially in regard to employability and driving vehicles.

epilepsy – injury – prophylaxis – social fulfilment


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Geriatrics General practitioner for adults Orthopaedic prosthetics
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