Level of CA125 and hemoglobin as prognostic factors ovarian cancer

Authors: J. Chovanec 1;  J. Bienertová-Vašků 2;  Z. Dostálová 1;  L. Minář 1
Authors‘ workplace: Gynekologicko-porodnická klinika LF MU a FN, Brno, přednosta prof. MUDr. P. Ventruba, DrSc. 1;  Patofyziologický ústav, LF MU, Brno, přednosta prof. MUDr. A. Vašků, CSc. 2
Published in: Ceska Gynekol 2009; 74(4): 269-273
Category: Original Article


Aim of the study:
Aim of the study was to investigate connection between the level CA125, level of haemoglobin and emergence of recurrence and survival time for patients with ovarian cancer.

Material and methods:
This concerns of retrospective study in which total 53 patients with histology confirmed ovarian cancer were included. These patients were diagnosed and subsequently treated in the GPK FN MU Brno during 2000-2002 period.

The level of CA125 in our study appeared to be statistically significant prognostic factor (β = 0,44, p = 0,02) for survival. Signification of the plasma level of haemoglobin to be any prognostic factor was not proved in this study. Among other assessed factors influencing survival time of the patients was the number of gravidity to be important prognostic factor (β = -0,96, p = 0,002). Survival time was shorter for patients with less number of pregnancies.

Ovarian cancer is tumour with high mortality. That is why it is necessary to look for new markers, which would contribute to earlier diagnostic of this disease, and which could influence its prognosis.

Key words:
ovaria cancer, CA 125, hemoglobin, anaemia, survival.


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Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine
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