Surgical Treatment of the Retinal Detachment with the Bilateral IdiopathicRetinal Dialysis

Authors: J. Štěpánková ;  D. Dotřelová ;  I. Karel ;  J. Dvořák
Authors‘ workplace: Oční klinika VFN a 1. LF UK, Praha, přednosta doc. MUDr. Martin Filipec, CSc.
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., , 2003, No. 5, p. 334-339


The retrospective study was aimed at demonstrating anatomical and functionalresults of surgical treatment in patients with bilateral idiopathic retinal dialysis(BIRD).In the period of 1985–2001 the authors operated on BIRD in 10 eyes of five patients(three men and two women). No eye injury or inflammation was present in thecase history of the patients. The age of the patients was between 11 and 30 years,the mean age was 19.2 years. The symptoms typical for retinal detachment were present in four eyes only and absent in the other six eyes. Hyperopia of both eyesin analogy with myopia of both eyes was observed in two patients, respectively,whereasemmetropia was present in one patient.The retinal dialysis (RD) occuredin lower temporal quadrant in all eyes (100 %), in one eye (10 %) it also occurredtogether with an discontinuous RD in upper temporal quadrant and in anothereye it was extended into lower nasal quadrant. Demarcation lines were presentin 5 eyes (50 %), subretinal solid strands in 1 eye (10 %). Scleral buckling procedureswereperformedasthe primarysurgical procedure in all 10 eyes of 5patients.Eight eyes was operated on with the use of segmental circumferential spongebuckles of siliconeandtwoeyeswiththeuseof encircling elementsofsolid silicone.Retina was successfully reattached postoperatively in 9 eyes (90%) and remaineddetached in one eye (10 %). The visual acuity preoperatively 6/12 or better remainedunchanged postoperatively in 8 eyes (80 %). The visual acuity postoperativelyimproved in 1 eye (10 %) and in 1 eye (10 %) visual acuity was decreased. The meanperiod of observation of the patients was 86 months.The necessity of a routine examination of the extreme retinal periphery of thefellow asymptomatic eye of the young adult with no history of trauma and withthe retinal detachment associated with retinal dialysis in one eye is also discussed.

Key words:
retinal detachment, retinal dialysis, bilateral idiopathic retinal dialysis,scleral buckling procedure

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