Corneal Dystrophies

Authors: H. Stipanitzová ;  A. Gerinec
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika detskej oftalmológie LF UK – DFNsP, Bratislava, prednosta prof. MUDr. Gerinec, A., CSc.
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., , 2003, No. 5, p. 359-367


Authors concentrate on the occurrence of corneal hereditary dystrophies in theframe all pathology of the cornea in children age.They stress not rare appearance and pointed out on often diagnostic errors.They warn contemporary importance of long-time follow up of patients also in theadult age.

Key words:
epithelial corneal dystrophy, stromal corneal dystrophy, endothelialcorneal dystrophy

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