Effect of Anterior Chamber Phakic IOL on Visual Functions in High MyopicPatients. First Results

Authors: L. Bytton ;  D. Hejcmanová ;  H. Langrová ;  P. Rozsíval ;  A. Feuermannová ;  M. Hejcmanová *
Authors‘ workplace: Oční klinika, FN, Hradec Králové, přednosta prof. MUDr. P. Rozsíval, CSc. Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Lékařská fakulta v Hradci Králové *
Published in: Čes. a slov. Oftal., , 2003, No. 5, p. 340-347


20 eyes (12 women, 8 men) undergoing implantation of anterior chamber phakicIOL (PIOL) for correction of the refractive error were examined before and 1 and6months after surgery.Median of preoperative spherical equivalent of refractionwas -9.75 D (range -19.00 to -6.00 D). Contrast sensitivity (CS) was tested onacomputerized systemof theContrastsensitivity 8010 type in6 spatial frequencies(range 0.74 to 29.55 c/deg) and using the Ginsburg’s charts also in 6 spatialfrequencies (range 1.15 to 27.25 c/deg), the best corrected visual acuity (BCVA)was measured on the normalized charts with Landolt rings, influence of glare of342 cd/m2 was examined using Brightness Acuity Tester. At 6 months postoperatively,median of spherical equivalent of refraction was 0.00 (-1.00 to 0.00). BCVAincreased from0.79 (range 0.50 to 0.97) preoperatively onto 0.96 (range 0.83 to1.00).Median of CS increased in all spatial frequencies tested using both methods,significantly in the middle and high frequencies and CS almost, reached lowerborder of CS normal range. Glare had only nonsignificant influence on bothBCVAand CS. Quality of vision postoperatively improved significantly.

Key words:
phakic IOL, high myopia, contrast sensitivity, logMAR charts, glare

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