Gender as a factor influencing clinico-pathological parameters and prognosis of renal cell carcinoma

Authors: V. Bartoš;  R. Mráz;  J. Mikuláš
Published in: Urol List 2013; 11(1): 60-63


Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) represents a heterogeneous group of oncological entities, that are characterized by some gender-related differences.

The purpose of our paper was to evaluate the basic clinico-pathological parameters of the patients with RCC and to assess their gender-related disparities.

Material and methods:
A study group consisted of 172 bioptically verified cancers from 170 subjects (106 men, 64 women) in the age range between 18–90 years.

The mean age of the patients was almost the same for both sexes (men 63.0 years, women 62.3 years). A right kidney was more frequently affected in men (60.2%) and a left kidney in women (59.3%). Histologically, in both subgroups, clear cell type of RCC prevailed with approximately the same percentage (85.2 vs 84.4%). Papillary RCC occurred more commonly in men (12 vs 4.6%) and conversely, chromophobe RCC in women (6.2 vs 1.9%). Pathological stages confined to the kidney (pT1 and pT2) represented 64.8% and 76.6% in men and women, respectively. Stages with extrarenal propagation (pT3 and pT4) were found to be more common in men (35.2%) than women (23.4%). Compared to women, male gender exhibited larger cancers (mean size 4.9 vs 4.1 cm), more common multifocal lesions (13.9 vs 7.8%), more frequent metastatic involvement of the regional lymph nodes (9,2 vs 4,6%), as well as necrotic (43.5 vs 25%) and sarcomatoid changes (10.2 vs 7.8%) and their tumors tended to be poorely differentiated.

Our study showed, that depending on gender, there were some differences in several clinico-pathological parameters of disease. Males more frequently exhibited unfavourable histomorphological findings, that probably correspond with their worse prognosis reported in the literature.

Key words:
renal cell carcinoma, gender, prognosis


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