Penile cancers associated with occurrence of other neoplasms

Authors: E. Geryk;  D. Pacík;  J. Kozel;  A. Čermák
Published in: Urol List 2012; 10(4): 6-11


A total of 1,565 penile cancers (PeC), based in the Czech Cancer Registry in 1976–2005, there were notificated 280 (17.9%) their multiple cases. Of them in 155 males with primary PeC followed 165 other neoplasms and in 125 males with subsequent PeC preceded 169 other neoplasms. The number of primary PeC incerased unstable till 1997 and then decreased, of subsequent PeC increased till 2005. A total of 14 Czech regions were distributed 42.5% multiple PeC in four regions (Prague, Southern Bohemia, Northern and Southern Moravia). Of primary PeC were registered 23.2% cases at the early, 2.6% advanced and 74.2% unknown clinical stages; respectively 41.6% and 17.6% and 40.8% in subsequent PeC. A total of 165 subsequent neoplasms (including 29 synchronous cases) after PeC were 31 cancers of skin, 40 digestive, 31 urogenital and 25 respiratory system, of which were 26.1% cases at the early, 22.4% at advanced and 51.5% at unknown stages. A total of 169 other primary neoplasms, before subsequent PeC were 71 cancers of skin, 44 urogenital system and 20 colorectum. Up to October 2007 survived one-fifth of males with primary PeC and one-third of subsequent PeC. In a view of processed data of the most multiple cancer diagnoses the Czech medical surveillance seems insufficient. The incidence of subsequent adv­an­ced stages must be prevented by updating guidelines and screening of the most frequent neoplasms.

Key words:
penile cancer - multiple occurrence- distribution by age, time, spacesynchronous and metachronous neoplasms - clinical stages


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