Contemporary State and Perspectives of Revisory Activities in Recording of Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic Operations

Authors: Z. Beranová
Authors‘ workplace: OP VZP hl. m. Prahy
Published in: Listy rev. Lék., , 2002, č. 3, s. 0


Revisory of surgical disciplines of the health insurance company Prague investigate systematically the development ofendoscopic surgery in Prague and in conjunction with it analyze recording and refunding of this health care by the GeneralInsurance Company.In the submitted paper the authors review the recorded laparoscopic surgery and compare the development of operations from1999 to 2001 as well as associated changes in recording and refunding of operation 51717 and associated DRG-markers andZUM. They also describe the procedure of revisory medical officers in analyses of all available data from the health insurancecompany and their comparison with data in the health records.A positive contribution are the proceedings during checks and comparisons of the reported operation 51711 and ZUM with datain the health records and the possibility to eliminate errors as recording and accounting of the investigated operations still in70 % of the health records which have erroneous data on operation 51711.

Key words:
code 51711 laparoscopic and thoracoscopic operation – DRG-markers – ZUM sub-group 82 – recording errors –analyses from General Health Insurance Co. 1999/2000, 2001

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Medical assessment Occupational medicine
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