Competition for Contracton Provision and Refunding o Health Care

Authors: M. Švecová
Authors‘ workplace: OP VZP Praha
Published in: Listy rev. Lék., , 2002, č. 3, s. 0


Competition for contracts on the provision and refunding of health care is based on the act on public health insurance. Theannouncer for ambulatory care is the district office for inpatient and balneological care the Ministry of Health. The results ofthe competition are commented by the announcer who informs the health insurance company.This statement however doesnot serve as a legal basis for making a contract. The health insurance company must ensure provision of health care to itsinsurees and at the same time it must manage the financial funds of health insurance to ensure a balance between income andexpenditure.

Key words:
competition for contract on provision and refunding of health care – announcer – commission – stand point –network of out-patient commitments

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Medical assessment Occupational medicine
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