Surveillance of chronic noninfectious diseases

Authors: Dagmar Horáková;  Ladislav Štěpánek;  Lubica Juríčková;  Jana Vlčková;  Helena Kollárová
Authors‘ workplace: Ústav veřejného zdravotnictví LF UP v Olomouci
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2019; 158: 83-86
Category: Review Article


Surveillance is a comprehensive system of epidemiological work involving continuous collection, analysis and distribution of data on all characteristics of the disease. Among health professionals, surveillance in connection with noninfectious diseases is not as known as in infections where it has clearly proven successful.

The principle of epidemiological surveillance may be applied in chronic noninfectious diseases but certain pitfalls and differences between this category and infectious diseases need to be borne in mind. These diseases have multifactorial etiology; their development is contributed to by several risk factors, mainly those associated with lifestyle; they have a long preclinical period with no apparent problems; data on their prevalence in populations may vary depending on the definition and diagnostic criteria used.

Epidemiological surveillance as a continuous process aids in understanding the extent of the risk of a disease in a population, contributes to provision of early and effective care and control over their prevalence. The paper aims to describe the specific aspects of surveillance in chronic noninfectious diseases.


surveillance – noninfectious diseases – infectious diseases

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