Artificial intelligence and modern information and communication technologies entering medicine

Authors: Radim Brdička
Authors‘ workplace: GHC Genetics, Praha
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2019; 158: 87-91
Category: Review Article


Many new technologies based on computer technologies which are very successful in industry spread over the medicine and became integral part of all its disciplines. Artificial intelligence opened new possibilities for managing and solving many problems in both – theoretical and practical health care. The capability of these new technologies to extract tiny interactions of different items has been appreciated especially in treatment complex diseases. They are capable to analyze not only enormous amounts of data (big data) in an extremely short time but also these processes of analyses are easily improved by machine itself (machine learning). Examples of AI application in several medical disciplines and itinerary for Electronic Health Records adoption in the Czech health care are listed.


artificial intelligence – algorithm – deep learning – machine learning – electronic health record

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