Chronic urticaria – new views on diagnosis and treatment of disease

Authors: Dana Prusíková
Authors‘ workplace: Dermatovenerologická klinika 3. LF UK a FNKV, Praha
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2017; 156: 123-126
Category: Review Article


Interest in chronic urticaria has grown in recent years, largely owing to the advent of new modes treatment especially in the form of the biologic preparation omalizumab. New scientific and clinical findings have not only facilitated a more comprehensive view of the disease but have streamlined the classification and diagnostic approach as well. Diagnostics are no longer burdened by cumbersome and lengthy investigative procedures into the etiology of urticaria, but are much more rapid and targeted bringing about more timely relief of the patient's symptoms. According to recent data, the impact of the illness onto the quality of life of the patient, especially in those with more severe forms of urticaria, can be quite devastating both physically and psychologically compared to other chronic diseases (e.g. coronary artery disease, etc.).

chronic spontaneous urticaria, UAS7 score, omalizumab


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