Diabetes mellitus in older adults from the point of view of the clinical diabetologist

Authors: Alena Šmahelová
Authors‘ workplace: Diabetologické centrum a subkatedra LF UK a FN Hradec Králové
Published in: Vnitř Lék 2016; 62(Suppl 4): 119-122
Category: Reviews


Disorders of glucose homeostasis affect quite a large part of the older population and their incidence including manifest diabetes is growing. Diabetes in older adults is associated with an increased risk of geriatric syndrome expressed in various ways (decrease in muscle size, functional disability, frailty) and early mortality. Diabetes care for the elderly requires, also in view of heterogeneity of diabetes itself, an individual specific approach. This involves not only diagnostics and a clinical picture, but also the treatment goals and the therapy of diabetes and complications in itself. Diabetes treatment includes both regimen adjustments and use of antidiabetic drugs in different combinations and regimens in accordance with up-to-date specialist recommendations.

Key words:
treatment goals – diabetes mellitus – pharmacological therapy – age


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Diabetology Endocrinology Internal medicine

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Internal Medicine

Issue Suppl 4

2016 Issue Suppl 4

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