Institutionalised management of wound treatment in connection with nurses‘ competences – according to Patricia Benner‘s theory

Authors: Zita Kis Dadara, MSc.
Authors‘ workplace: Nemocnice Milosrdných bratří, Vídeň
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2014, 3, č. 3: 130-132


International scientific know-ledge and practical experience clearly shows that the topic of treatment and care for patients with chronic or badly healing wounds represents a very difficult situation in day to day practice. The goal of this article is to present the current situation regarding wound treatment in Austria, from the point of view of people with practical experience and to deal with P. Benner‘s theory.

management - wound healing - competences - expert


1. Benner P: Stufen der Pflegekompetenz, From Novice to Expert. Hans Huber Verlag. 2. vyd. 2012.

Geriatrics General practitioner for adults Orthopaedic prosthetics
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