Lapatinib in the treatment of advanced breast cancer

Authors: J. Abrahámová 1;  L. Dušek 2;  P. Brabec 2;  R. Vyzula 3;  Z. Donátová 1
Authors‘ workplace: Onkologické oddělení Fakultní Thomayerovy nemocnice KOC FNB a 1. LF UK, Praha Vedoucí: prof. MUDr. Jitka Abrahámová, DrSc. 1;  Institut biostatistiky a analýz, Masarykova univerzita, Brno Ředitel: doc. RNDr. Ladislav Dušek, PhD. 2;  Masarykův onkologický ústav, Brno Ředitel: prof. MUDr. Jiří Vorlíček, CSc. 3
Published in: Prakt. Lék. 2011; 91(7): 417-421
Category: In diferent


The authors present data from the Czech drug registry concerning the use of lapatinib in combination with capecitabine in advanced breast cancer patients, whose tumours highly express ErbB2 (HER2). Despite patients’ substantial previous treatment we can demonstrate the efficacy of lapatinib; the Czech data is comparable to the results of the registration study.

Key words:
lapatinib, ErbB2(HER2), advanced breast cancer, Czech drug registry.


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