Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma in a Medial Cervical Cyst

Authors: Dudešek B.';  J. Poledníková 2;  Gatěk J.';  Duben J.';  Hnátek L.';  A. Večeřa 3;  L. Duben 4
Authors‘ workplace: (Chirurgické odd. Nemocnice ATLAS, Zlín, přednosta prim. MUDr. J Gatěk 2Endokrinologická ambulance, Poliklinika Uherské Hradiště, MUDr. J. Poledníková 3Patologické odd. Nemocnice Uherské Hradiště, přednosta prim. MUDr. A. Večeřa &#162 ;  Laboratoř Bios, Mediekos Labor, Zlín
Published in: Prakt. Lék. 2002; (10): 606-607


The development of thyroid carcinoma in a medial cervical cyst is a rare disease. By 1995 in the world literatuře 121 cases esere published. The authors give an account of another tase which they operated and treated. They discuss different therapeutic procedures, in particular supplementation of total thyroidectomy after extirpation of a medial cervical cyst, cervical lymphadenectomy, radiotherapy and dispensary care.

Key words:
thyroid carcinoma - medial cervical cyst - total thyroidectomy - dispensary care.

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