Unusual Cause of Severe Lactate Acidosis in a Seven-month Child

Authors: D. Behúlová 1;  K. Fabríciová 2;  V. Bzdúch 2;  D. Buzassyová 3;  J. Škodová 1;  A. Šalingová 1;  A. Vasilenková 1;  J. Ponec 1
Authors‘ workplace: Oddelenie klinickej biochémie DFNsP, Bratislava1 primárka MUDr. D. Behúlová 1. detská klinika Lekárskej fakulty UK a DFNsP, Bratislava2 prednostka doc. MUDr. M. Benedeková, PhD. Detská klinika anestéziológie a intenzívnej medicíny SZU a DFNsP, Bratislava3
Published in: Čes-slov Pediat 2003; (7): 447-450.


The authors describe a female patient with a serious lactate acidosis, which became manifest at the age of sevenmonths. The clinical picture was dominated by neurological and cardiological symptomatology of uncertainetiology. An urgent examination excluded an inherited developmental anomaly, poisoning or infectious diseases.Non-specific findings during specific biochemical examinations did not confirm suspected hereditary metabolicdisorder. In view of the resistance of lactate acidosis to alkalization therapy and for a deteriorating clinical conditionof the child the authors administered 25 mg of thiamin intramuscularly. After six hours the lactate concentrationdecreased to normal values and the clinical sings of the child gradually adjusted to normal condition. The motherof the patient admitted that instead of giving the child the recommended Nutrilon Soya, she gave the child a drysoya drink without thiamin purchased in a common grocery. A detailed analysis of the clinical course andlaboratory findings confirmed that the little child suffered from a suckling form of beri-beri.

Key words:
lactate acidosis, thiamin, beri-beri, the suckling age

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Neonatology Paediatrics General practitioner for children and adolescents
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