DermatologicalEquipment for Phototherapy - Basis for Selection ofthe Correct One

Authors: H. Duchková;  A. Moróc;  M. Hašková
Authors‘ workplace: Kožní odd Masarykovy nemocnice Ústí nad Labem vedoucí prim. MUDr. Hana Duchková, DrSc
Published in: Čes-slov Derm, , 2001, No. 2, p. 100-103


At present there is on our market a number of apparatuses for phototherapy from differentmanufacturers and therefore it is useful to be oriented and to knowhow to proceed with the selectionof a suitable type. It is probably correct that information in the press reappears after certainintervals because there are new types of equipment and new conditions which must be met whenpurchasing the equipment.Above all we must know which therapeutic spectrum will be used - UVA, UVB, what are thesources in the equipment, high of low pressure, whether we shall use the apparatus for whole bodyirradiation or irradiation only of a certain part of the body and whether we shall select a type witha single spectrum or a combined one. In our reflections also other technical facts should play animportant part, i.e. the reflex mirrors of the apparatus (preferably aluminium ones) and whetherdosimetry forms part of the equipment. It is better to purchase an all-metal apparatus which has thenecessary certificates, in particular a proclamation complying with the Government regulation No.180/1998 Sb.Before making the purchase it is useful to become familiar with types of apparatuses producedduring the last two years.In the conclusion the authors present some findings based on their longstanding practice.

Key words:
phototherapy - equipment - requirements - selection - our experience

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