Is allele HLA B40 responsible for rapid radiological progression in psoriaticarthritis?

Authors: J. Štolfa 1;  L. Šedová 1;  J. Zvárová 2;  E. Stehlíková 2;  E. Ivašková 3;  C. Dostál 1;  O. Šléglová 1
Authors‘ workplace: RÚ Praha, 2EuroMISE, Centrum UK a AV ČR, 3HLA centrum IKEM 1
Published in: Čes. Revmatol., , 2004, No. 2, p. 61-68.


The importance of genetic factors for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis as well as forthe severity of the disease course has already been already demonstrated in several papers.Nevertheless, the issue of genetic predisposition has not been completely resolved yet. Patients andmethods. HLA typing was performed in the group of 91 patients with psoriatic arthritis using theserological method. Patients were separated into two subgroups according to the speed of radiologicalprogression. Individual disease forms were also assessed separately. Results. HLA B27 allelewas present in 24,5 % of patients in the whole group; in 42.1% of patients with sacroiliitis, and in21.2% with spondylitis. A significant association has been found between the presence of allele HLAB40 and the rapidity of the disease progression. Conclusion.: In the group with axial formof psoriaticarthritis the association with HLA B27 applies to sacroiliitis, but not to spondylitis. The associationbetween HLA B40 with rapidity of the disease progression has not been described yet and may havea capacity for the prediction of disease severity.

Key words:
psoriatic arthritis, immunogenetic, psoriasis, binding imbalance

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