Rheumatoid arthritis-like affectionof cervical spine in a patient with psoriatic arthritis

Authors: R. Svobodová;  Z. Kramářová;  Z. Klézl 1;  J. Štolfa
Authors‘ workplace: Revmatologický ústav, Praha Spinální centrum ÚVN, Praha
Published in: Čes. Revmatol., , 2004, No. 2, p. 82-86.


The authors deal with affection of cervical spine in psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.They compare incidence, course, possibility of diagnosis and treatment of both types of cervicalspine affection in these disorders. Relevant questions are described in the case report of 55 yearsold patient withHLA-B27positive polyarticular formofpsoriatic arthritis, without sacroiliitis. Sincethe onset, the disease has had a high humoral activity and destructive capacity resulting into 2 jointreplacements. During 4 years a severe affection of cervical spine with atlantoaxial subluxation hasdeveloped. Consequently the cervical myelopathy appeared, which required, during 3 months,a surgical intervention. This type of „RA-like“ cervical spine affection is not characteristic forpsoriatic arthritis, however, it should not be missed for its serious consequences.

Key words:
psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis-like, affection of cervical spine, cervical myelopathy.

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Dermatology & STDs Paediatric rheumatology Rheumatology
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