Inherited Metabolic Disorders and Pregnancy

Authors: L. Žídková 1;  M. Procházka 2;  A. Šantavá 3;  T. Adam 1
Authors‘ workplace: Laboratoř dědičných metabolických poruch, Oddělení klinické biochemie FN, Olomouc přednosta doc. MUDr. P. Schneiderka, CSc. 1;  Porodnicko-gynekologická klinika LF UP, Olomouc, přednosta prof. MUDr. M. Kudela, CSc. 2;  Ústav lékařské genetiky a fetální medicíny, FN a LF UP, Olomouc přednosta prof. MUDr. J. Šantavý, CSc. 3
Published in: Čes. Gynek.2007, 72, č. 5 s. 316-320
Category: Original Article


Review of contemporary knowledge about inherited metabolic disorders in pregnant women and fetuses.

A review of literature.

Laboratory for inherited metabolic disorders, Departament of Clinical Biochemistry and Childern’s Clinic, University Hospital and Palacky University, Olomouc.

Review of literature and publications using medical databases.

Metabolic examination of mother or child is recommended if any clinical problems during or immediately after pregnancy occur. Nowadays most of inherited errors of metabolism can be diagnosed prenataly in first or second trimester of pregnancy.

Key words:
inherited disorders of metabolism, prenatal diagnosis, pregnancy, abortions, HELLP syndrome, AFLP syndrome

Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine
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