Effect of the Position of the Mother during the FirstStage of Labor on Oxygen Saturation of the Mother(SpO2) and Foetus and on the Blood Pressure of theMother

Authors: A. Roztočil;  J. Miklica;  M. Kučera;  P. Ventruba;  P. Kachlík
Authors‘ workplace: I. gynekologicko-porodnická klinika, Masarykova univerzita Brno, přednosta prof. MUDr. Pavel Ventruba, DrSc.
Published in: Čes. Gynek.2000, , č. 5 s. 298-301


The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of maternal body position during thelabour on the a foetal and maternal SpO2 and the maternal blood pressure values.Typ of Study: Open prospective.Setting: 1 st Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical Faculty, Masaryk University,Brno, Czech Republic.Methods: 20 patients were enrolled in the study. They had to meet the following criteria: writteninformed consensus, no-risk pregnancy of 39. - 40. weeks, vertex presentation, ruptured mem-branes. CTG and SpO2 of the mother and the foetus and maternal blood pressure were monitoredsimultaneously in 10 min intervals in supine position, left and right side during the 1 st stage oflabour. For foetal SpO2 values registration intrapartum foetal pulse oximeter N-400 was used.Results: No changes in maternal SpO2, FSpO2 values were revealed in the three body positionsand maternal blood pressure.Conclusion: In no-risk pregnancies the maternal body position has no impact on foetoplacentalperfusion manifested by the changes in FSpO2. Thus the mother in labour can choose any hori-zontal body position without risking the disturbances in foetal oxygen supply.

Key words:
oxygen saturation (SpO2), intrapartum foetal pulse oximetry (IFPO), maternal body

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Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine

Article was published in

Czech Gynaecology

2000 Issue 5

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