Disinfection of the Umbilicus with Jodisol andSubsequent Urinary Iodide Excretion

Authors: F. Kotěšovec 1;  Míšková I. Kahánek J. 1 2;  N. Vitnerová 1
Authors‘ workplace: Okresní hygienická stanice Teplice, ředitelka MUDr. Narcisa Vitnerová 2 Gynekologicko-porodnické oddělení NsP Teplice, primář MUDr. Jiří Kahánek 1
Published in: Čes. Gynek.2000, , č. 5 s. 305-307


To assess whether after disinfection of the umbilicus in neonates , the genitalia and thesurrounding tissues of parturient women with Jodisol (3% solution of povidone-iodine) iodine isabsorbed by the skin.Design: Clinical comparative study.Setting: District hygiene station, Wolkerova 4, 416 65 Teplice.Methods: In 66 neonates where the umbilicus was repeatedly treated with Jodisol and in 90neonates where for disinfection of the umbilicus Manox was used which does not contain iodine,on the third day after delivery the urinary iodine concentration was assessed by a modification ofthe Sandell Kolthoff method. Ioduria was assessed also in 73 parturient women after disinfectionof the skin with Jodisol and in 95 women before disinfection.Results: In the urine of neonates where the umbilicus was treated with Jodisol a mean iodideconcentration of 304 mg/L was recorded with a maximum of 2016 mg/L, while in urine of thosewhere a non-iodine peparation was used for disinfection the mean value was 135 mg/L and themaximum 486mg/L. The differences are statistically significant, p < 0.001.There were no significantdifferences in the ioduria of women before and after disinfection of the skin with Jodisol.Conclusion: After the use of Jodisol for disinfection of the umbilicus iodine is absorbed by thepermeable neonatal skin. When deciding on the use of this preparation it is necessary to evaluatenot only its advantages but also the possible risk of damaging thyroid functions. Adult skin ismuch less permeable for iodine.

Key words:
neonates, mothers, iodine absorption by skin

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Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine

Article was published in

Czech Gynaecology

2000 Issue 5

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