Characteristics of Chitosan and the Sorption of Copper(II) Ions from Copper Sulfate Solutions on Chitosan

Authors: F. Kopecký;  B. Kopecká;  O. Semjanová
Authors‘ workplace: Katedra fyzikálnej chémie liečiv Farmaceutickej fakulty Univerzity Komenského, Bratislava Katedra farmaceutickej analýzy a nukleárnej farmácie Farmaceutickej fakulty Univerzity Komenského, Bratislava
Published in: Čes. slov. Farm., 2002; , 134-139


The introduction of the paper briefly describes the properties of chitosan and the current utilization of the aminopolysaccharides chitosan, chitin, and their derivatives in pharmaceutical formulations, and in the health services also as sorbents of heavy metals and other substances. The degree of deacetylation (64 %) of commercially produced chitosan was estimated from measured IR spectra, and spectrophotometry in the visible region was employed to study the kinetics and equilibrium of the Cu(II) ion sorption from CuS04 aqueous solutions. Cu(II) sorption on the suspended chitosan was rather slovu, it took 8-12 hrs to establish the sorption equilibrium, but the maximum determined sorption capacity, up to 200 mg of copper per 1 g of chitosan, greatly exceeded other adsorbents. A nearly stoichiometric rado between the sorbed Cu(II) and the chitosan biopolymer strnctural units as well as decreasing sorption at lower pH (4-5) suggests complex formation of Cu(II) with the soud chitosan. The sorption was reversible, so the raw chitosan under study can be used as a high loading capacity carrier capable of the sorption and subsequent conditional liberation of a considerable amount of Cu(II) Ions.

Key words:
chitosan - aminopolysaccharides - sorption - sorption capacity - copper(II) Ions - copper sulfate

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Pharmacy Clinical pharmacology

Article was published in

Czech and Slovak Pharmacy

2002 Issue 3

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