Neuroborreliosis Imitating Brain Tumour in Children and Vice Versa

Authors: L. Krbková 1;  L. Klapačová 1;  P. Mikolášek 1;  M. Charvátová 2;  I. Červinková 2;  J. Bednářová 3
Authors‘ workplace: Klinika dětských infekčních nemocí LF MU a FN Brno 1;  Klinika dětské radiologie LF MU a FN Brno 2;  Oddělení klinické mikrobiologie, FN Brno 3
Published in: Cesk Slov Neurol N 2014; 77/110(5): 620-623
Category: Short Communication


Tick‑ borne neuroinfections are rare among children with oncologic dia­gnosis. Nevertheless, the dia­gnostic procedure may be more complicated due to suspicion of the relapse of the primary illness. Despite typical symptoms of neuroborreliosis, including tick bite and early localized borreliosis –  erythema migrans, tumours of central nervous system have to be taken into account for the differential dia­gnosis in childhood.

Key words:
neuroborreliosis – intrathecally produced antibodies – brain tumors – magnetic resonance imaging

The authors declare they have no potential conflicts of interest concerning drugs, products, or services used in the study.

The Editorial Board declares that the manu­script met the ICMJE “uniform requirements” for biomedical papers.


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Paediatric neurology Neurosurgery Neurology

Article was published in

Czech and Slovak Neurology and Neurosurgery

Issue 5

2014 Issue 5

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