Authors: MUDr. Aleš Horák
Authors‘ workplace: ANDROPHARM s. r. o., Urologicko-andrologická ambulance, Ostrava
Published in: Urol List 2006; 4(1): 26-30


Within the aging process of men, there is a slow decrease in testosterone levels connected with corresponding symptomatology. This state is referred as "Late-Onset Hypogonadism". The diagnosis is made on the basis of documented decreases in testo­sterone levels, clinical findings and the patients' complaints. Perorally or intramusculary applicated testosterone esters are most frequently used for therapy. Close follow-up during the androgenic hormone therapy is mandatory, especially in relation to diseases of the prostate.

Late-Onset hypogonadism, total testosteron, free testosteron, androgen replacement therapy, testosteron and prostate


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