Proposal for population – oriented registration of hemato-oncologic diagnoses based on 1999 WHO cancer classification analysis of general treatment options and on requirements of the Czech National Cancer Registry

Authors: K. Indrák 1;  T. Papajík 1;  E. Faber 1;  R. Hájek 2;  J. Čermák 3;  L. Raida 1;  J. Hubáček 1;  T. Szotkowski 1;  J. Mužík 4;  L. Dušek 4
Authors‘ workplace: Hemato-onkologická klinika FN a LF UP Olomouc, 2Interní hematoonkologická klinika FN Brno, 3Ústav hematologie a krevní transfuze Praha, 4Institut biostatistiky a analýz MU Brno 1
Published in: Transfuze Hematol. dnes,13, 2007, No. 3, p. 154-158.
Category: Comprehensive Reports, Original Papers, Case Reports


A rapid growth of diagnostic and treatment options has been observed in hematooncology during last two decades. Modern oncology treatment is very expensive. As a result of the growing costs, there is a need to evaluate achieved outcomes with respect to evidence-based medicine and cost-effectiveness. These requirements make physicians and other specialists to collect and analyze all meaningful population data continuously. The collection of data, which do not take in account fundamental diagnostic and treatment principles of the actual diagnostic group is entirely ineffective and un-maintainable. The National Oncology Registry in its general design does not respect basic principles of diagnostics and treatment of hematooncologic diseases and the collected data are devaluated and unusable. In our article we propose a dataset for the purpose of population database of hematooncologic diseases, which would be meaningful and acceptable for hematologists and which would be able to provide sufficient essential data for a relevant population evaluation even for the top management of the Czech health service.

Key words:
data collection and analysis, database, National Oncology Registry


1. International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Related Problems (The) ICD-10 Second Edition, World Health Organization, 2005, ISBN 92 4 154649 2 Online verze:

2. ICD-O-3: International Classification of Diseases for Oncology, 3rd Edition, World Health Organization, 2000.

3. MKN-O-3: Mezinárodní klasifikace nemocí pro onkologii, Třetí vydání, Česká verze, Ústav zdravotnických informací a statistiky ČR, Praha 2004, ISBN 80-7280-373–5.

4. Mezinárodní statistická klasifikace nemocí a přidružených zdravotních problémů. Desátá revize. Vydání třetí. Ústav zdravotnických informací a statistiky ČR. Praha 1993.

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Haematology Internal medicine Clinical oncology

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Transfusion and Haematology Today

Issue 3

2007 Issue 3

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