Duplex Ultrasound in Ppreoperative Examination on Tumors of Major Salivary Glands II (Results)

Authors: P. Štrympl 1;  P. Komínek 1;  M. Kodaj 2;  I. Stárek 3;  J. Dvořáčková 4;  T. Pniak 1
Authors‘ workplace: Otorinolaryngologická klinika FN Ostrava ;  přednosta doc. MUDr. P. Komínek, Ph. D., MBA Ústav radiodiagnostiky FN Ostrava 1;  přednosta MUDr. J. Chmelová, Ph. D. Otorinolaryngologická klinika LF UP a FN, Olomouc 2;  přednosta prof. MUDr. I. Stárek, CSc. Ústav patologie FN Ostrava 3;  přednostka MUDr. J. Dvořáčková, Ph. D. 4
Published in: Otorinolaryngol Foniatr, 58, 2009, No. 4, pp. 216-220.
Category: Original Article


The aim was of the present study were: to evaluate possibility of color-Doppler ultrasound in prehistological determination of biological features of salivary gland tumors.

Materials and methods:
Thirty-five patients with salivary gland tumors of unknown histology were examined and operated at ENT Department of University Hospital Ostrava. The patients were examined using ultrasound imaging with color flow Doppler. The peak systolic velocity (PSV) was measured and the pulsatility index (PI) and the resistive index (RI) calculations were performed on the pulsed wave traces. The tumors were evaluated to obtain histological results after surgical treatment. The Doppler flow parameters were correlated with the results of histological examination. The patients were separated into 3 groups (group with benign tumors, group with stage I and II tumors and group with III and IV stage tumors). Values of PSV, RI and PI were compared with clinical stages of tumors.

Average PSV value was 22.05 cm/s in case of benign tumors and 40.4 cm/s at malignant tumors. Average RI value was 0.74 at benign and 0.82 in case of malignant tumors. Average PI value of benign tumors was 1.98 and malignant tumors 2.28. There were no significant differentiations between values of PSV, RI and PI in cases of benign and malignant tumors in our study. There were no significant differentiations between average values of RI (p = 0.107) and PI (p = 0.397) in case of clinical stage of tumors. There was significant differentiation (p = 0.035) between average values of PSV in case of benign tumors (average PSV 22.05 cm/s) and tumors of clinical stage III and IV (average PSV 39.13 cm/s).

Color-Doppler scanning is a non-invasive procedure which may be of help in the preoperative assessment of salivary gland tumors. In practice, this technique can support the gray-scale sonography diagnosis. Our results failed to demonstrate significant differences in Doppler flow parameters between benign and malignant tumors. PSV could be used to differentiation between benign and higher clinical stages of malignant tumors.

Key words:
salivary glands, tumors, color-Doppler ultrasonography.


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Audiology Paediatric ENT ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
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