Paratonsillar Abscess - Compli cations – Casereport

Authors: L. Kalašová;  T. Podlešák;  J. Veselý;  M. Helcl *;  J. Štrof **
Authors‘ workplace: Otorinolaryngologické oddělení FN Bulovka, Praha
Published in: Otorinolaryng. a Foniat. /Prague/, , 2001, No. 1, pp. 47-50.


The authors mention an unusually serious septic complication of a paratonsillarabscess diagnosed late in a young female. Parapharyngeal abscess, mediastinitis, multiple lung’sabscesses and septic abscess of right leg were controled in a successful way by teamwork of doctorsfrom ENT department, Clinic of infectious diseases and Surgical clinic using the combination ofmedical and surgical treatment.

Key words:
paratonsillar abscess, multiple lung's abscesses, mediastinitis, septic abscess of rightleg.

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Audiology Paediatric ENT ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
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