Protect children from computers and computers from children

Authors: K. Nešpor
Authors‘ workplace: Psychiatrická léčebna Bohnice a Institut postgraduálního vzdělávání ve zdravotnictví, Praha
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2009; 148: 442-444
Category: Special Articles


Immoderate computer related behavior brings about many physical and psychological problems, especially in children and adolescents. We mention some of these risks, and describe family based prevention.

Key words:
computers, internet, video games, addictive diseases, prevention.


1. Nešpor K, Csémy L. Zdravotní rizika počítačových her a videoher. Čes a slov psychiatrie 2007; 103: 246–250. Volně dostupné na

2. Schellenberg EG. Music lessons enhance IQ. Psychol Sci 2004; 15(8): 511–514.

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Addictology Allergology and clinical immunology Angiology Audiology Clinical biochemistry Dermatology & STDs Paediatric gastroenterology Paediatric surgery Paediatric cardiology Paediatric neurology Paediatric ENT Paediatric psychiatry Paediatric rheumatology Diabetology Pharmacy Vascular surgery Pain management
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