Risk Factors of Tumors, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases in thePopulation of Šumperk District

Authors: L. Máchová;  V. Janout;  L. Čížek;  F. Beška 1;  J. Lorenc 1;  J. Koutná 2
Authors‘ workplace: Ústav preventivního lékařství LF UP, Olomouc 1Krajský nádorový registr FN, Ostrava 2Onkologické oddělení M-VIA NOVA Ltd., Zábřeh
Published in: Čas. Lék. čes. 2004; : 90-93


Cardiovascular diseases and cancers are responsible for almost 80%of the total mortality in the CzechRepublic. For their prevention, identification of risk factors becomes indispensable. Presented article analysesfrequency of risk factors in the population of Šumperk district on the bases of the first and second preventiveoncological check-ups.Methods and Results. Diagnoses have been unified according to the International Classification of Diseases. Fordata analysis SPSS statistical software has been used. Frequency of obesity, hypertension, hyperglykemia, hypercholesterolemia,hyperuricemia and smoking has been assessed in subjects during their first and second preventivecheck-ups. In the course of the first check-up 49 426 subjects have been examined, out of them 22 857 males (46,2 %)and 26 569 females (53,8 %). 40 386 subjects participated in the second check-up (18 378males and 22 008 females).The assessment of the frequency of the individual risk factors has been done on the bases of the examination results.Conclusions. Total incidence of obesity was lower in males comparing to the data from the population of 6 districtsof the Czech republic (MONICA). Due to the treatment of subjects, there was a mild decrease of prevalence of thesystolic hypertension in the second check-up in comparison with the first one. In comparison withMONICA project,the incidence of hypertension was more than twice higher. No difference in frequency of hyperglycemia in malesand females was found. In both genders, high prevalence of hypercholesterolemia (about 70 %) was found. Betweentwo check-ups, decrease of hypercholesterolemia prevalence was observed. It corresponds with the existing trend inthe Czech population. Decrease of smoking prevalence has been observed in the second check-up mainly in malesand less in females. In comparison with MONICA project, there was a higher smoking prevalence in males anda lower one in females.

Key words:
risk factors, cardiovascular, cancer, metabolic.

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