Case history acquired haemophilia A

Authors: Z. Čermáková 1;  R. Hrdličková 2;  Š. Blahutová 2;  A. Ligová 3
Authors‘ workplace: Lékařská fakulta OU Ostrava, děkan doc. MU Dr. Jaroslav Horáček, CSc. 1;  Krevní centrum FN Ostrava, přednostka prim. MU Dr. Zuzana Čermáková, Ph. D. 2;  Ústav klinické hematologie Lékařské fakulty OU a FN Ostrava, přednosta prim. MU Dr. Jaromír Gumulec 3
Published in: Vnitř Lék 2013; 59(4): 313-316
Category: Case Reports


Acquired haemophilia A is a rare form of acquired coagulopathy caused by autoantibodies against coagulation factor VIII. It is characterized by major bleeding complications often life– threatening. An estimated incidence is about 1– 2 cases per million inhabitants per year. The authors report case history of acquired haemophilia in 85 year old woman. Bleeding complications were well controled by bypassing agents. Inhibitor eradication was successful after the use of second line agent rituximab.

Key words:
acquired haemophilia A –  factor VIII inhibitor –  rituximab


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Diabetology Endocrinology Internal medicine

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Internal Medicine

Issue 4

2013 Issue 4

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