Turner syndrome is associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality

Authors: M. Berková 1;  Z. Berka 2;  Z. Krčová 3
Authors‘ workplace: I. interní klinika Lékařské fakulty UP a FN Olomouc, přednosta prof. MUDr. Jan Lukl, CSc. 1;  II. interní klinika Lékařské fakulty UP a FN Olomouc, přednosta doc. MUDr. Vlastimil Procházka, Ph. D. 2;  Ústav patologie Lékařské fakulty UP a FN Olomouc, přednosta doc. MUDr. Martin Tichý, CSc. 3
Published in: Vnitř Lék 2009; 55(5): 523-528
Category: Case Reports


The authors present a case of an acute myocardial infarction in a patient with Turner syndrome, leading to the death of the patient. An emphasis is put on the need of a thorough examination of cardiovascular system, specialized on congenital heart disease including aortic dilatation with the risk of dissection, and early development of ischemic heart disease. Regular monitoring as well as adequate therapy in patients suffering from this genetically determined disorder is recommended.

Key words:
Turner syndrome – ischemic heart disease – myocardial infarction – congenital heart disease


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Diabetology Endocrinology Internal medicine

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Internal Medicine

Issue 5

2009 Issue 5

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