Strategie České alzheimerovské společnosti P-PA-IA
Péče a podpora lidem postiženým syndromem demence

Authors: DOC. MUDR. Iva Holmerová, PH.D.;  Nina Baláčková;  MUDr. Michaela Baumanová;  Mgr. Mgr. Et Lucie Hájková;  Mgr. Dana Hradcová;  Pavla Hýblová;  PhDr. Hana Janečková, Ph.D.;  PhDr. Eva Jarolímová;  MUDr. Ladislav Kabelka, Ph.D.;  Mgr. Martina Mátlová;  Helena Nováková;  Mgr. Jitka Suchá;  Martina Sůsová;  MUDr. Hana Vaňková;  Dr. Petr Veleta M. A.;  Mgr. Petr Wija, Ph.D.
Authors‘ workplace: Česká alzheimerovská společnost
Published in: Geriatrie a Gerontologie 2013, 2, č. 3: 158-164
Category: Recommendation


Czech Alzheimer Society (CALS) published in 2006 its strategy „P-PA-IA“(1), „care and support of persons suffering from dementia“ according to needs of patients in different stages of dementia. This strategy is based on broad discussion of professionals and informal caregivers in CALS and on collaboration with other organisations and institutions interested in the care of this disadvantaged and frail group of persons. Later, the strategy was discussed also on the international level with Alzheimer Europe and international ELTECA (Exchange of Experience in Long-term Care) advisory board. In our country the input of Public Defender of Rights has been very important. Strategy P-PA-IA has been a base for indicators of quality of care of persons with dementia and for the system of quality certification of CALS „Vazka“ which has certified already more than 30 care providers in the field of health and social care. Despite the fact that the strategy is widely used in practice, our gerontological and geriatric public has not been informed sufficiently. This fact might be a cause why the strategy is not used ingeriatric practice. Therefore we are trying to improve this situation and to publish the slightly revised strategy P-PA-IA in the main Czech geriatric journal. Strategy P-PA-IA is opened for comments and its main aim is to improve quality of care and life of persons with dementia and their caregivers.

dementia – Alzheimer´s disease – quality of care – certification – strategy of care – P-PA-IA


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