Indebtedness people with addictive illnesses are health and social problem

Authors: K. Nešpor ;  A. Scheansová
Authors‘ workplace: Odděleni léčby závislostí – muži Primář: MUDr. Karel Nešpor, CSc. Psychiatrická léčebna Bohnice, Praha Ředitel: MUDr. Martin Hollý 1
Published in: Prakt. Lék. 2010; 90(1): 50-51
Category: In diferent


The financial problems of today certainly does not relate only to patients with addictive disease, but many other people. As one of the main reasons is usually provides advertising exposure, people tend to buy rubbish. Debt may have other reasons. They are particularly addictive diseases which are associated with substantial indebtedness. For example, the Czech Republic belongs to the states with the highest consumption of alcohol and easiest approach to gambling and drugs in the world. Most people with addictive disease is not treated yet. Usually because of personal feelings of stigmatization, but also beceause in some areas, the limited availability of specialized care.

Key words:
addictive illness, debt, alcohol, drugs, gambling.


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General practitioner for children and adolescents General practitioner for adults
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