Bowel preparation for colonoscopy

Authors: G. Vepřeková;  Š. Suchánek;  J. Martínek;  M. Zavoral
Authors‘ workplace: Interní klinika 1. LF UK a ÚVN Praha
Published in: Gastroent Hepatol 2012; 66(1): 57-62
Category: Digestive Endoscopy: Review Article


Adequate bowel preparation is the basic prerequisite for carrying out a successful diagnostic, therapeutic and screening colonoscopic examination. Several methods of bowel preparation combine basic laxatives (polyethylene glycol, phosphates and saline solutions) with various types of auxiliary substances (bisacodyl, metoclopramide, simethicone, senna tablets). However, none of these preparatives is ideal and safe for every single patient. The aim of this article is to summarize the latest findings and recommendations. Tailored bowel preparation can reduce risks associated with colonoscopy and preparation itself, minimize the possibility of overlooking of colorectal neoplasms and lower the number of incomplete examinations caused by insufficient bowel preparation.

Key words:
sodium phosphate – colonoscopy – polyethylene glycol – laxatives – screening


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Paediatric gastroenterology Gastroenterology and hepatology Surgery Internal medicine Nutritive therapist Obesitology

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