Antimalarial Prophylaxis in Travelers to Malaria Risk Areas

Authors: Vlčková Jana 1,2;  Rupeš Václav 1;  Prokeš Zdeněk 3;  Kollárová Helena 1;  Horáková Dagmar 1
Authors‘ workplace: Ústav preventivního lékařství LF UP Olomouc, 1;  Centrum očkování a cestovní medicíny FN Olomouc, 3Infekční oddělení Nemocnice Prostějov. 2
Published in: Epidemiol. Mikrobiol. Imunol. 62, 2013, č. 1, s. 33-39


Malaria is one of the most common diseases imported to the Czech Republic with an upward trend in incidence. Travelers are leaving for abroad without antimalarial prophylaxis or refuse preventive antimalarial drugs. Failure to comply with antimalarial prophylaxis in high-risk areas can lead to malaria infection which may manifest itself even after returning home. As the disease is often mistaken for influenza, any traveler to malaria risk areas who presents with fever needs to be tested for malaria. Individual preventive measures consist in the correct use of repellents, insecticides, and bed nets LLITNs, wearing light colored clothing, and regular use of antimalarial prophylaxis.

malaria – antimalarial prophylaxis – prevention – mosquito of the genus Anopheles


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Hygiene and epidemiology Medical virology Clinical microbiology
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