Evaluation of psychophysical mood after family and traditional delivery

Authors: W. Guzikowski 1,2;  K. Powolny 1;  H. Motakpochrzest 3
Authors‘ workplace: Gynecologic-Obstetrical and Newborns Hospital, Opole, Poland 1;  Public Higher Medical Professional School, Opole, Poland 2;  SP ZOZ Hospital Strzelce Opolskie, Poland 3
Published in: Čes. Gynek.2007, 72, č. 2 s. 98-103
Category: Original Article


The register of risk factors which lead to disturbances of mood and cause a variable degree of depression of mothers after birth is extensive. One of these factors is lack or low support of husband and child’s father during the pregnancy and delivery.

The paper demonstrates an original and not met in the literature valuation of psychophysical mood of mothers during the first days after family and traditional birth. On the basis of questionnaire charts there was analyzed the degree of psychophysical mood of mothers which led to the answer of general question: does the family delivery compared with the traditional birth significantly improve the psychophysical mood of mothers?

Material and methods:
The level of psychophysical mood of mothers was evaluated on the basis of questionnaire charts which were prepared after consultation with a clinical psychologist. There were analyzed 300 charts of mothers after a family delivery and 300 charts of mothers after traditional delivery.

The moving ability was positively evaluated by 81.3% of mothers after family delivery and 86% of mothers after traditional delivery. 90.7% mothers of traditional birth and 94% of mothers of family birth had a normal relation to associates, “they talk with their child”. The question “I am satisfied with my present situation” positively answered 81.3% mothers of familiar birth and 89.7% of traditional birth. Her self-confidence in the role of mother was confirmed only by 66% of mothers of family delivery and 75% of traditional delivery. The answers of questions concerning the child care and an excellent mood after delivery were very similar in both groups.

A greater proportion of mothers of traditional delivery group as compared to mothers of family delivery show a better psychophysical condition in the first days after birth. The difference is not significant but appreciable. The difference may be a result of greater consciousness of themselves among the mothers of family delivery and also a result of their greater feelings. May be the mothers of this group have a bigger expectation to themselves and to near associates. The mothers of traditional deliveries show a greater self-dependence; in greater proportion they are more resistant to the confrontation of imagination to reality. In the group of family deliveries the greatest influence of lowering the psychophysical mood after the birth have had the lack of experience in the child care (71%), in the group of traditional deliveries only in 23% of mothers.

Key words:
traditional delivery, family delivery, psychophysical mood

Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine

Article was published in

Czech Gynaecology

Issue 2

2007 Issue 2

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