Monochorionic Twins after Sterility Treatment byMethods of Assisted Reproduction

Authors: J. Hulvert;  T. Mardešič;  P. Müller;  J. Vobořil;  M. Mikova;  R. Hűttelová;  V. Bečvářová;  S. Jirsová
Authors‘ workplace: Sanatorium Pronatal, Praha, vedoucí lékař doc. MUDr. T. Mardešič, CSc.
Published in: Ceska Gynekol 1999; (5): 295-299


The goal of this study has been to determine frequency of occurrence of monochorialtwins within the study group consisting of 521 pregnancies conceived through the In Vitro Fertili-zation (IVF) programme.Design: An observational study.Setting: Sanatorium Pronatal, Na Dlouhé mezi 4/12, 147 00 Praha 4 - Hodkovičky.Methods: A condition to be included in the study group was that there was a gestation sac detec-ted by ultrasound. The first ultrasound examination was performed transvaginally and was donebetween the fifth and the sixth week of each pregnancy. A multiple pregnancy has been classifiedas monochorial in case when gestation sac contains two yolk sacs and two fetuses.Results: Within the whole study group there were 13 monochorial twins which presents 2.5% of allpregnancies. The incidence of monochorionicity among all multiple pregnancies is 6,4%, in IVFcycles without micromanipulation techniques the occurence of monochorial twins has been 0.9%,following cryoembryotransfer 3.9%, with micromanipulation (ICSI, AH) it reaches 5.7% of allpregnancies.Conclusion: Monochorial twins were detected seven time more frequent in comparison withinoccurence in ordinary population. The occurence rises in connection with the number of fetusesin uterus. In comparison with simple IVF cycles we have proved higher occurence of monochorio-nicity in connection with micromanipulation techniques and cryoembryotransfer.

Key words:
monochorial twins, in vitro fertilization, micromanipulation techniques

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Paediatric gynaecology Gynaecology and obstetrics Reproduction medicine
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